Applications with our drones

We develop customised software.

Thanks to our drones’ technological features, they can be used for the following applications:

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Image capture and study for engineering and/or topography:

  • Power line inspection and maintenance.
  • Wind farm inspection.
  • Inspection/supervision of the condition of construction sites such as roads and industrial buildings.
  • Material stockpiles (volume calculations).
  • Prospecting and exploiting mineral resources.
  • Territorial management, map updates.

Environmental and agricultural applications:

  • Planning routine agricultural tasks.
  • Food studies.
  • Pest studies and treatment.
  • Miscellaneous forestry work.
  • Plant protection for crops.

Scientific and research applications:

  • Thermal-imaging studies in specific areas.
  • Setting up telecommunication infrastructures.
  • New location and positioning systems.

Security applications:

  • Active and passive security. Both at night and during the day.
  • Security applications in territorial control.
  • Land and sea border control.

Air quality monitoring applications:

  • Measuring toxic plume drift in disasters.
  • Inspecting industrial facilities.
  • Emission control in sewage treatment plants.

Hydrological applications:

  • Dam inspections.
  • Watercourse monitoring.
  • Checking dikes.

Plant protection monitoring applications for forests:

  • Spraying and controlling dangerous pests.
  • Control of alien species.

Night-time wildfire extinguishing applications:

  • Generating heat maps of fires.
  • Relaying images of the fire front/tail.

Construction site monitoring and environmental impact assessment applications.

Cultural heritage management applications.

Energy audit applications with aerial thermal imaging.

Journalism applications.

  • Real-time event tracking.
  • Image acquisition for post-processing.

Search and rescue applications:

  • Nighttime search and rescue.
  • Daytime search and rescue.
  • Beach search and rescue and assistance applications.

Town planning applications:

  • Town planning control.
  • Updating property tax register data.

Audiovisual and 3D modelling applications:

  • Capturing and processing images for all types of filming, tourism.
  • Capturing and processing images for later recreation in 3D, tourism.

Police applications:

  • Disinfection by Spain’s Military Emergency Unit.
  • Gathering evidence and statements.
  • Area surveillance.
  • Operational support.
  • Increasing situational awareness of ground teams.

These applications call for skills in:

  • Using and handling RGB cameras:
    • Concept of focal length.
    • Framing.
  • Using thermal-imaging cameras:
    • Thermal imaging.
    • Emissivity concepts.
    • Sensor calibration.
    • Estimating thermal deviations.
  • Using multispectral sensors:
    • Colour masking application.
    • Multispectral data interpretation.
    • Index measurement.
  • Using additional systems:
    • Infrared spotlights.
    • Laser distance meters.
    • RPAS loudspeakers.
    • RPAS lights.
  • Software:
    • Flight planning software.
    • Photogrammetry software.
    • Basic video editing.
    • GIS or mapping systems.