Integrated Command, Control and Smart Cities Centre

Monitoring and Supervision | Dispatching | UAM/UTM/ATM Control | Alerts, Safety and Security | Centralised Management.

The IMSDrones Command and Control Centre hosts a suite of intuitive drone flight control systems which deliver the five main roles of monitoring, dispatching, control, early warning and integrated aircraft traffic management.

Groundbreaking flight-ready drone solutions:

  • Smart Cities management, UTM traffic, U-space (ATM coordination) and even manned aviation (ATC) at low altitude in real time.
  • Emergency response, assistance in cases of security perimeter or disaster surveillance.
  • Traffic management.
  • Energy inspection.
  • Critical infrastructure inspection.
  • Environmental and other inspection.
  • Multi-brand support; includes all types of drones.
  • Scalable capacity to control up to 10,000 drones.
  • Flexibility in sizing and marking for control and visualisation (control position and video wall).
  • Providing logistics services specialising in last-mile delivery.


Drone Command and Control Center