Company Headquarters and Manufacturing Capacity

We are based in the Valencia Science Park, a Campus of International Excellence renowned across Europe.

Our setting provides us with the wide variety of services available at the Science Park which adds considerable value to our company as we use state-of-the-art facilities.

The Science Park is home to over 60 high-tech businesses and numerous research centres and groups. It is an environment in which academia, research and business come together and where we can partner with the research groups.

We have a class 100 (ISO 5) clean room where aerospace parts and components are assembled with European Space Agency and NASA certification. The power supply for the PHI experiment on board the Solar Orbiter satellite, launched in January this year, was developed in the facilities.

We are also working on:

  • Electronic engineering
  • Digital and communications systems design

In our research activity we have two laboratories fully equipped for the design and development of electronic devices.

Customized electronic design for on-board systems and applications using Reconfigurable Logic (CPLDs, FPGAs, PSoC). Microcontrollers (AVR, ARM, 8051, etc.). RTOS. (b) Sensor networks (WSN). Wireless communication technologies (Wifi, Zigbee, CyFi, Bluetooth, Sigfox LoRA, etc.). Example: We design electronic circuits for the most avant-garde embedded technology (drones and similar).

We develop embedded electronic systems, with special emphasis on aspects such as low power consumption, energy harvesting and miniaturization.

We design power converters using semiconductor devices from new families, such as SiC and GaN. (far superior to silicon) Example: we optimize the consumption of on-board batteries (in drones and similar).

We manufacture with different materials, titanium, chromocobalt, tungsten, stainless steels, aluminum, carbon fiber, etc., using the latest technologies in the sector, and with capabilities in CAD designs and testing of structures.

We are ISO certified.