Drone jammers and detection

Detection and countermeasure systems are used by the public safety sector and private companies alike to protect critical facilities which are essential for running their operations. We are in the digital information age. IT security and protecting data storage infrastructures is a priority for many organisations that already choose our services and products.

Threat detection

Nowadays, drones are widely used and also popular as toys in the family setting. But they are not always just selfie-drones for snapping a cool photo. Sometimes they can be used maliciously.

Our hardware and software work together to detect both friendly and hostile drones.

The hardware consists of easy-to-install modular, scalable equipment which, in combination with our software, detects the signals emitted by the drone and its pilot together with the video feeds captured from the drone.

Aircraft identification

The software determines which type of drone is operating in the area range previously selected in the computer system.

Once the approaching drone has been detected and identified, following the instructions it will be classified either as a friendly drone or as a threat and tracked via positioning and visually using the PTZ cameras.

Threat neutralisation

Once the threat has been detected, it’s time for action. The software allows specific measures to be taken against the detected threats.