We have R+D+i development and manufacturing capacity to meet the challenges and special specifications required by our customers on an ongoing basis.

Our workshops have the latest technology in machinery.

We can offer a maintenance service that covers both software and hardware needs.

We have an excellent engineering team with skills and capabilities in mechanical manufacturing development in different materials, titanium, chromocobalt, tungsten, stainless steels, aluminum, carbon fiber, etc., using the latest technologies in the industry, and with capabilities in CAD design and testing of structures.

We have a stable staff formed by first level professionals and with a complete and modern machinery park assisted by numerical control, in addition, our technical office has the Knowhow and the necessary tools to design and mechanize any project in 2 and 3 dimensions.

We have a quality department equipped with three-dimensional measuring equipment with the possibility of reverse tooling, including a portable arm for the correct checking of our parts at the machine; in order to always achieve the highest quality in our work.