Who we are

Intelligent Monitoring Systems Drones – IMSDrones, is a Valencian company specialized in the development and manufacturing of RPAS aeronautical solutions whose objective is to develop applications and equipment aimed at meeting the needs of private industry and public institutions related to our business area that currently do not find their demands satisfied. Our capital and all our technology are purely Spanish.

We design and develop 100% of the platforms, systems and manufacturing and we also carry out maintenance, also in parallel the training involved in our applications and the development of electronic engineering of cutting-edge technologies.

Our Drones were born from a request, for an automated 24/7 surveillance system that covers a large territory with few personnel for emergency and security forces.

Our mission.

“Provide valuable information and advanced solutions with the commitment to ensure the safety, protection and quality of life of people and their environment”

Our vision

“Create portable, interoperable, undetectable, invulnerable, and energy self-sufficient unmanned aerial vehicles that are:

  • Capable of providing valuable information in real time.
  • Capable of offering an unlimited range of action.
  • Able to interact and cooperate with each other while being intelligent and governable
  • Able to work in multiple and scalable teams, autonomous in all their processes and missions.
  • Capable of contributing to improving efficiency in reconnaissance, surveillance, protection and rescue tasks.